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Why do Contractors prefer PurePro Boiler Trim Kits
over other manufacturers’ trim kit packages? Choice.

Time and time again, busy contractors tell us that the perfectly matched components of PurePro Boiler Trim Kits reflect the exact choice of quality parts they would pick for themselves if they had the time.

Each kit includes a Micro Bubble Air Eliminator or Air Purger/Air vent, Expansion Tank, Boiler Fill/Backflow Preventer, two Service Check Valves. PurePro even includes the nipples... all in a single easy-to-carry box.

Other kits will give you almost everything you need for a basic installation. PurePro gives you all the finest brand components you need for a complete quality installation every time.

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How do contractors save time installing circulators?

PurePro Circulator Installation Kits (CIK)
The Only Kit You’ll Need.

Years ago, isolating a circulator for service or replacement was a tedious and often messy job. But with the advent of isolation flanges, pump installation and service can be completed in a few short steps.

CIK_PPRH33_9-11bWhat we have done better. Today, we’ve simplified this process even further by offering you everything you need for the installation in a single package. This keeps ordering and planning simpler and easier.

PurePro® Circulator Installation Kits (CIK) include valves for installation on both the intake and discharge sides of a circulator. These kits streamline pump installations, eliminate leak paths and save time during future maintenance.


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